New Rock-Breaking Technique

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New Rock-Breaking Technique


Non Explosive Expansive Mortar

This NEW product can be used in a wide variety of circumstances from confined spaces to large out-door rock and concrete excavations! Freshwater Excavations is currently the only Sydney excavation company using this new technique which is proving very popular.

Major Benefits


Non Explosive Rock & Concrete Breaking Agent


Ideal in confined spaces and where noise restrictions are in place


No Jackhammers or Excavators




No Fumes


Less Noise


Environmentally friendly

How Does It Work?

Freshwater Excavations use a chemical cracking agent that comes in powder form, which when mixed with water expands. When poured into well positioned, pre-drilled holes, this new product produces an extreme pressure of 18,000 PSI. It's an environmentally friendly, safe solution that allows you to reduce labour, reduce equipment breakage, reduce risks, reduce costs and minimise noise and dust on site.

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